There are so many historical places of interest to visit in North Cyprus. This was bound to be so since the island is located in the centre of the ancient world which is known as the cradle of western civilization. The ancient towns of Famagusta, Kyrenia, Karpaz, Lefke, Guzelyurt, Nicosia or Yeni Iskele have many historical places which are worth seeing.
If you want to go deeper into the history of Cyprus, visit one of many Cypriot museums in Nicosia (The Stone Works Museum Laphitos, The Mevlevi Tekke Museum), Kyrenia (The Kyrenia Museum Of Folk Art, The Museum Of Public Arts, Shipwreck Museum), Famagusta (The Canbulat Tomb & Museum, The Dungeon And Museum Of Namik Kemal, The St. Barnabas Icon & Archeology Museum), Guzelyurt (The Guzelyurt Museum (The Archeology And Nature Museum) or Yeni Iskele (Icon Museum Of Iskele). If you prefer a fine art, we recommend you to visit the North Cyprus galleries.